Raised High​/​Brought Low

by Wei Zhongle

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Michael Walz
Michael Walz thumbnail
Michael Walz The drumming, unconventional instruments and especially the vocal styles... wow. saw this in a mpls basement last night and transcended time and space... Favorite track: Dog Star.
Alan Terrill
Alan Terrill thumbnail
Alan Terrill An unusual combination of instruments that works really well thanks to some great arrangements. The singing is a little odd and maybe will put some people off, but there's plenty of all instrumental stuff so do stick with it, it well worth it.
Jo Letke
Jo Letke thumbnail
Jo Letke probably my favorite band! Favorite track: Raised High.
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Vinyl edition available on Edible Onion Records


released April 9, 2013

Rob Jacobs - Vocals, Prepared Guitar, Violin, Synth
Sam Klickner - Drums and Percussion
Carly Lappin - Bass
John McCowen - Clarinet
Jon Goodman - Clarinet

Written and arranged by Rob Jacobs
Recorded by David Allen
Mixed by David Allen and Rob Jacobs



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Track Name: Hidden Kingdom
Hidden kingdom
You are high
And untouched by my reaching hand
I wallow in the mud
As your golden chandelier
Orbits my head
Of unseeing eyes
And unhearing ears
Track Name: Dog Star
I am divided for love's sake
For the chance of union
And they shall gather my children
Into their fold
There is no bond that can unite
The divided but love
Invoke me under my stars
Track Name: Bright Stream
My mind formed a picture
Then my mouth formed some words
A bright stream that flows
A bright stream that flows
Black is what comes before
Then red drips from your mouth
A white tooth that aches
A white tooth that aches
Track Name: 48 Laws
I am calling from the table that overflows
You my children are under many laws
Heavy burdens
Heavy burdens
Rest now and take your fill
48 forces that you are under but know not of
48 forces that you bow down to but know nothing of
Hundreds of voices that are all calling from your window
Hundreds of voices that will murmur and murmur and murmur
Until you hear them
They are calling from the table that overflows
They are holding out their hand to that hungry child
Track Name: Brought Low
I am underneath,
I am crumpling into an unseen hole
Green and glistening,
I have grown into a thin layer of scales
I am crawling on my belly
Track Name: Raised High
I am passing through a golden archway
In my tongue there is a speechless quivering
Song bursts forth
My insides swell
Open mouth
Let it stream out, out, out
I am the equivalent of its flowing vastness
I am the needle that has pierced the veil of unknown things